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BOTOX® for Wrinkles & Sweating

BOTOX® Cosmetic for Expression Lines & Wrinkles
After years of laughing, frowning and worrying, facial skin often develops what are known as “expression lines.” These are actually creases worn into the skin by making the same expression thousands of times. Unfortunately, these lines can make you look older, tired or stressed, even when you’re not. Although these types of wrinkles have been difficult to treat in the past, Fortson Dermatology & Skin Care Center can help you to significantly reduce the appearance of these expression lines with the use of BOTOX® Cosmetic.

This therapy is the top-ranking aesthetic skin treatment in the United States, and is used safely by millions of men and women of all skin types and colors. This simple and quick treatment temporarily smoothes crow’s feet, facial lines between the eyebrows, forehead lines … visible signs of aging … by relaxing the muscles which cause wrinkles.

It is the only treatment of its type approved by the FDA and has been used medically for over 15 years. You’ll see a dramatic improvement in several hours to one week following the treatments, with results usually lasting for three to four months.

BOTOX Therapeutic™ for Sweating
Excessive sweating usually begins as a child or teen, and often interferes with daily life. With severe underarm sweating, you might be changing your clothes several times in one day or wearing only certain colors to try and hide the problem.

Fortson Dermatology Center provides BOTOX Therapeutic™, an FDA-approved treatment for severe underarm sweating used when anti-perspirants and other methods have not worked. It can also be effective for excessive sweating on the palms and soles of the feet.

It is an effective solution to reduce excessive sweating, with dramatic results that can last up to nine months after only one treatment. BOTOX Therapeutic™ treatment can be received during a simple office visit.

Your insurance company may help with the cost of the treatment for underarm sweating. Fortson Dermatology staff can assist you with this process.



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