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Fractional Skin Re-Surfacing

Your skin will look younger and healthier after treatment with the powerful and technologically-advanced Palomar StarLux® laser.  It is available in Alaska at the Fortson Skin Care Center.  This treatment is superior because it reaches far below the outer layers of skin to eliminate old cells. The healthy tissue surrounding the targeted area then begins the body’s natural healing process, producing new tighter skin as a replacement. The results are noticeable and long lasting.  This treatment is especially beneficial for fine lines around the eyes and mouth. It is also effective for sun-damaged skin, acne scars and numerous other skin imperfections.

The treatment is extremely gentle. Because it targets only the underlying skin, there is little downtime and most people return to work the same day. The number of sessions depends on the condition being treated. An average is three treatments spaced a few weeks apart. Results are usually seen immediately after treatment with the appearance of younger, more youthful skin continuing to increase for two to three months as the skin forms new collagen.



Smooth and tighten your skin with fractional skin re-surfacing and your skin will bask in a more vibrant glow.

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