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PhotoFacial (IPL) & Skin Rejuvenation

This technologically-advanced process re-captures more vibrant and healthy-looking skin and is effective for both men and women. The treatment helps your face, hands and body to look fresh and rejuvenated.  It improves the appearance of sun-damaged or aged skin, uneven pigmentation or skin imperfections, and reduces redness, such as in rosacea.  PhotoFacial IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) combines multiple light energies in the same pulse for extra effectiveness.  It is quick, safe and gentle. Because the changes occur under the skin, it can be done in the middle of a busy day and no one will know. Best of all, the results will be readily visible after only a short period of time.

Fortson Dermatology also offers specialty laser treatments to help your skin look younger and more radiant.  This process reduces the signs of wrinkles and tightens skin in one easy step through the combined power of multiple lasers. 

An advance consultation with a Fortson skin specialist will determine the most effective process so that your skin will look its best.


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