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Erases Your Tattoo or Brown Spot in Half the Time

PicoSure shatters unwanted tattoos and embarrassing brown spots faster and more completely than any other laser. Described as “the world’s safest and most effective laser,” PicoSure delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin, more rapidly dissolving almost all tattoos and brown spots after fewer treatments than the alternative q-switch lasers.

This revolutionary therapy erases tattoo ink and skin’s brown spots in about half the sessions needed by traditional lasers. It even removes stubborn blue, orange and green tattoo ink, and cleans up ineffective removals conducted by other lasers. As the number of treatments needed are significantly less, the PicoSure is a better value, removing the tattoo in fewer sessions and usually at a lower overall cost than other methods.

PicoSure with more power to remove stubborn tattoos is available in Anchorage only at Fortson Dermatology & Skincare Center. It is one of the few centers in the country to offer this advanced technology.

In addition, tattoo removal is more comfortable at the Fortson Center because the skin is numbed in advance, unlike most other tattoo removal settings. As tattoo removal is an intensive laser procedure, it requires careful attention and advance planning by a highly-trained expert who will assess your skin and make individualized recommendations for most effectiveness and safety. Dr. Jayne Fortson conducts all tattoo removal treatments at the Fortson Center. She carefully monitors your skin’s condition during the removal and the recovery process, and takes steps to ensure the quickest healing of the treated area. This in-depth expertise and level of attention is available only through a board-certified dermatologist, a specialist in the medical treatment of skin and possesses advanced training in laser procedures and the most advanced equipment. In comparison, tattoo removal alternatives are often performed by technicians after attending a weekend seminar or using dated equipment.

Erase your tattoo or spot in half the time with PicoSure. Call today for your consultation.

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“I have been going to Fortson Dermatology for tattoo removals. Before going there, I went to (another) tattoo removal place and they told me they could not remove my tattoos. The 1st time I went to Jayne Fortson’s office, they told me they could help me and they have. My tattoos when I went there were very colorful and bright, now with the laser removal system at the office, my tattoos are almost completely gone. I couldn’t be happier.”

Laser treatment by highly-qualified professionals.
For the safety of your skin, laser treatment should be supervised only by a licensed medical professional: a physician specializing in skin and with advanced training in laser treatment. For your well being, we highly recommend reviewing the credentials and experience of laser treatment providers in advance of receiving treatment.

Compare the Superiority of Pico to Other Removal Technologies
These photos illustrate the dramatically different results of Pico tattoo removal as compared to the older and significantly less effective Q-Switched technology after 3 treatments using each method. Scientific reports from world-recognized authorities also demonstrate the superiority of PicoSure as compared to all other tattoo removal devices.


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