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The Fortson Center is an in-network preferred provider for Blue Cross and Aetna plans in Alaska, and also works with most other insurance companies doing business in the state. When you visit us, you will receive the in-network reimbursement rate in your Blue Cross or Aetna plan for covered services with these claims filed for you by our office. We do not bill other private insurance plans. VA, Medicare and Medicaid (Denali Care and Denali KidCare) are also accepted.

Dermatology services are covered in whole or in part by the majority of insurance plans, while most cosmetic treatments are self paid. Cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic services in a medical setting may be reimbursable by your insurance company or health-savings account. Please consult your insurance provider for more information.

Payment for most services is expected at the time of your appointment. You may use MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or CareCredit. At the time of your visit, you’ll be provided with the documentation needed to submit a claim to your insurance company, as needed, and receive reimbursement directly. Please bring your insurance card and identification card to each appointment.

CareCredit is an option that provides special healthcare and wellness financing which you can pay monthly. It is designed to assist you in making medical treatments and cosmetic procedures more manageable.

If you have questions about your bill or insurance coverage for our services, call our billing office at 907.770.9630.


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How are your feet?

If they have itchy scaly skin, it could be signs of a foot fungus. Other symptoms may be skin splitting between or under the toes or that is macerated (wrinkled, soft, lighter in color). Foot fungus likes warm moist areas and is more common when a person has wet feet or wears wet shoes or boots. To help avoid this situation, dry feet very thoroughly after bathing. Using a hairdryer to get rid of the moisture can also be a benefit. If the condition persists, consult your physician.

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