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Lasers and light therapies are a breakthrough in the treatment of skin. Laser treatment dissolves tattoos and brown spots, rejuvenates tired skin, removes unwanted hair and treats persistent medical conditions such as eczema and rosacea. Laser therapy is a highly-effective solution to many stubborn skin problems, especially if your skin has resisted other types of treatment.

Alaska’s most complete and technologically-advanced laser and light therapies are in one location: the Fortson Center. With multiple lasers and light therapies in-house, the specialists will select the treatment or combination of treatments which will bring optimum results to your skin.

New Skin Therapies

Fortson Skincare has recently introduced three technologically-advanced laser skin treatments to Alaskans:

Excel VTM: Exceptional Results for Red & Brown Spots
The Cutera Excel V TM is the only therapy available which combines two ultra-precise, high-power laser wavelengths to precisely treat to precisely treat skin spots, blemishes, rosacea and visible blood vessels. More..

Laser GenesisTM: Skin Rejuvenating Laser Facial for a More Youthful Appearance
The Laser Genesis is a highly-advanced therapy for more vibrant, healthier-looking skin. More..

Excel HRTM: The 21st Century Laser Hair Removal System
Premium, advanced hair removal for every skin type. Its effectiveness, safety and comfort redefines laser hair removal. More..

Dr. Fortson performs or personally oversees all laser treatments to ensure the therapy is appropriate and safe for your skin type. She makes recommendations to increase the effectiveness of treatment and to enhance both the health and attractiveness of your skin, as only a medically-trained skin expert can do. In many other centers, treatments are provided by technicians with limited training in skin health or experience in the use of lasers.

Laser treatment by highly-qualified professionals
For the safety of your skin, laser treatment should be supervised only by a licensed medical professional: a physician specializing in skin and with advanced training in laser treatment. For your well being, we highly recommend reviewing the credentials and experience of laser treatment providers in advance of receiving treatment.

Excel VTM, Laser GenesisTM and Excel HRTM are trademarks of Cutera.


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